Learn more about literacy in Canada and the Learning for Life program

Escalating rates in poor functional literacy among adults in Canada continues to demonstrate the need to address the problem en masse and with a cost effective method. Read the following documents to learn more about the root of this disparity, the importance of literacy education and the unique solution ArrowMight's Learning for Life program provides.

Employment and Literacy Issues of Canadian Aboriginals
This paper offers a cost-effective way to overcome the literacy challenges that face Aboriginal people in Canada today.

A Valid Solution
Looking at the literacy situation in Ontario and offering a solution.

An Innovative Adult Course
Sumarizing the student centered learning impact of the ArrowMight Program.

Lesson Overview
A thorough breakdown of each lesson in the program: subject, content, educative message, learning hours and literacy levels.

Assessment: A Comparative Analysis
How ArrowMight assessments and evaluations compare to the International Adult and Skills Survey (IALSS) and Essential Skills (ES) Levels.

Open Source - Microsoft Skill Comparison
An ArrowMight comparison of OpenOffice.org Suite skills as transferred to Microsoft Office Suite.

Student Resources
A breakdown of what comes in the student kits and learning hours for family learning.

Alarming News First Nations Facts Updated 2013
A practical solution for First Nations.

For Correctional Institutions
ArrowMight Learning for Life for Correctional Institutions.

Future of Education
The ArrowMight Program especially designed for Indigenous and nonIndigenous Canadians is available to address the formidable task and high costs of poor literacy in Canada.

ArrowMight History
ArrowMight Canada Literacy/Numeracy Program Background.

International Literacy
In Canada half of the adult population have less than Level 3 skills.

Paradigm Shift
For adults seeking change and opportunity in education, employment, and earning potential, Learning for Life is a life-changer.

Poor Cousin
Literacy, The Poor Cousin?